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Usability Testing for the New Transaction Flow in Sam's Club app

Uncovering Problems and Opportunities in Happy Flow and Edge Cases


July - Aug 2022


Screener questionnaire, moderated usability testing, Archival research


Survey Monkey, Figma, Zoom, Calendly, Miro, Airtable

I interned on the Research team at Sam's Club during the summer of 2022.  One of the projects I worked on was a high-priority project that focused on the design of a new feature on the signature Scan & Go™ checkout


In this project, I took the lead in conducting usability testing, which involved the end-to-end process from recruiting participants and moderating 12 usability tests, to analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting the findings and recommendations to a cross-functional team comprising UX designers, content designers, product managers, and engineers.


The research I conducted played a pivotal role in enabling the team to gain valuable insights from the users' perspective. By immersing ourselves in their experiences, we were able to identify usability issues in various steps along the user flows. To ensure effective prioritization, I assessed the usability problems based on their frequency and impact. This evaluation helped the team determine the most critical action items and expedite the development process for the minimum viable product (MVP) shipment.


Due to NDA, I am not able to share the details of my work at Sam's Club (Walmart Inc.).

Contact me for what I can share about the process, the impact, my takeaways, etc. 🤓

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